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The homes being built today by Great Jones Developments (GJD) are a culmination of over 20-years of experience in business, travel and architecture accumulated by founder Daniel Valencic. His philosophy is that successful people will always desire to live in a home that reflects their achievements in life. Successful and progressive thinking individuals will desire a home that does this while taking into account the well-being of the community as a whole.

The company's philosophy is simple.
  • Design and build high quality new houses that blend into their established neighborhoods;
  • Invest heavily in the design process to produce unique and desirable homes which complement their Owners' lifestyle;
  • Implement the science and art of building homes while respecting the American architectural heritage.

From high-powered DC attorneys and Capitol Hill lobbyists to small business owners and stay-at-home moms, all our customers desire the same thing—a well-designed and built home that offers not only their families a comfortable lifestyle but also a welcoming environment for their extended family and friends.

We recognize our customers have made a conscious decision to live in eclectic and diverse neighborhoods close to the attractions of the big City. They are equally drawn to the space and greenery offered by the inner suburbs which allows their children an opportunity to abandon their Wii consoles long enough to ride bicycles with their neighbor's children and themselves a restorative walk with the family dog. Our homes are fashioned to enhance these desirable neighborhoods and complement this enviable lifestyle.

The future of Great Jones lies in building homes which respect not only our place in the community but also our place in the world. Great Jones is increasingly moving to advanced energy efficient and "green" building practices. We stay abreast of important changes in building science in order to offer our customers the latest advances in energy efficient construction techniques and products.

We believe in the power of technology to enhance our lives and minimize our impact on the earth. We use natural products to build our homes wherever possible but will rely on manufactured products where they will reduce our impact on the earth and not detract from the integrity of the architecture.

We do all this while respecting the idea that regardless of where you live, the warmth of a stone fireplace, the allure of a deep porch, the notion that the place where you cook is the place you gather - these and a thousand other intangibles are ingrained in our sense of "home" and must be respected.